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Broker Review: Dukascopy

One of the international leaders in foreign trade, Dukascopy is widely regarded as fair, efficient, and discrete with their clients. With their main headquarters in Geneva, they also hold offices


Choosing the Best Forex Broker for You

When you make the decision to begin forex trading, one of the most important choices you’ll be faced with is the selection of a trading broker that meets your needs.


How to Complete Your First Forex Trade

Before you consider forex trading as the solution to your financial worries, it is important to understand that there are no guaranteed results. Just as you don’t always win at


7 steps to choosing a broker for forex trading

If you’ve been thinking about getting started trading in forex, but have been hesitating to get started, there’s really no reason to delay any further. Fundamentally, there is no real

Trading platforms Tutorials

Broker reviews

Forex is not the type of market where you want to entrust your money to just anybody. If you (or your broker) don’t know what you are doing, you can


How to get started trading in Forex

So you’ve been reading all the articles on the internet about how to make big cash through thousands of tiny fractions of cents, or Yuan or Euros or yen, which

Trading platforms Tutorials

Want to trade forex? These platforms can help

No matter whether you are just getting started in the forex market or if you are an experienced trader looking for new tools to help you meet your goals, the


Devaluation Forces China to Dip Into Reserves

According to the monthly forex reserve data report released by China on September 7, there was a $93.9 billion decrease in total monies reserved for forex trading during the month


China looks to curb speculation

Reuters is reporting that Chinese officials have decided to begin checking foreign exchange buying by Chinese companies in order to nab speculators. The news agency quotes an official with the


Overview of Basic Forex Trading Platforms

When you begin your journey towards successful forex trading, the specific platform you decide to use can make a world of difference. Although the platforms don’t affect the market in