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Forex history

The forex exchange today boasts a global nature. For that reason, it’s crucial that one examines important historical events regarding currencies and currency exchange even before making entry into any

Forex terms

Forex bull and bear

Bulls and Bears carry out trades 24/7 in the forex market and now with the aid of computers and trading programs don’t have to watch every move the forex market


Trading Forex for a living as a retail trader

The foreign exchange market is the biggest marketplace in these present times, with an approximate $4 Trillion daily turnover and still growing. In this marketplace huge lumps of money in

Brooker reviews

Admiral Markets Review

Admiral Markets is a famous Forex brokerage firm based in Estonia. This company also has branch offices in Australia. Both the EFSA and ASIC regulate this Forex brokerage organization. Admiral

Brooker reviews

Brooker review

When it comes to forex trading bigger is not better. FxPro is a leading online forex broker which was formed by a group of veteran financial experts in 2006. This

Brooker reviews

Forex trading with eToro

Etoro is a regulated forex broker company. As a company it exists in two wings: eToro (Europe) Ltd, which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission and eToro

Brooker reviews

Brooker review : MB Trading

Introduction The trading and financial world isconstantly moving around. It keeps spinning and never stops going forwardtowards innovation and new technology. Becoming a success story in the world of trading