Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trading in Forex

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trading in Forex
  • Lack of education can be disastrous to beginner forex traders. Such traders don’t read many books or online articles. Also, they practice too little and seem to forget that they are indulging in a trade that takes years to master. Often, beginner traders know so little about Forex trading that usually have no idea where to start. It is of utmost importance to get good Forex education, meaning that someone should study as much as possible.


  • Everyone who decides to do some Forex trading does so with the intention of making some money. However, not many traders end up actually being profitable. So what makes some Forex traders succeed and others fail? Below is a look at some common mistakes to avoid when trading in Forex.


  • Not managing money wisely is another common mistake. Things can quickly get quite hectic in Forex trading. This is because beginner traders do not have much discipline when it comes to money management. Also, Forex brokers have a lot of freedom when it comes to leveraging their trading account. Putting these two factors together results in high risk, hazard trading. A trader needs to ask himself or herself whether they can afford to lose that money, and the maximum percentage of the total investment they are ready to risk in a single trade.


  • Not having trading plan can be disastrous in Forex trading. Most beginner traders make this mistake because they do not have a clear understanding of what Forex trading plan looks like. This is a strict set of rules that a trader draws both from his or her trading strategy and money management strategy. A good trading plan should include the amount of money to risk during a trade, and specified market conditions for getting into a trade. It should also include the approximate time for the market to reach the trader’s target.


  • Another common mistake involves setting the wrong goals. If making money is the only goal, it can soon become the main cause of failure. This is particularly the case during the early stages of someone’s trading career. Chasing after money often results in the trader breaking the rules of his or her trading plan. On rare occasions, breaking the rules can result in a higher yield. However, in the long run, it always results in an empty account balance. This mistake is related to overtrading whereby a trader uses too high volumes with respect to his account balance.
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