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Trading news: avoid if you can!

News is the driving force in the Forex market. It is upon news release that the market takes a new direction or projects further in the same direction with high


Oil extend gain as crude oil stocks rise

As at Wednesday, March 9, 2016, the price of oil per barrel gained in the market and the US crude stockpiles rose according to anticipation and a massive drop in


China’s Forex Reserves Fall to 4-Year Low in February

China’s forex reserves continued to decline in February for 4 months in a row. World’s largest forex reserve has hit its lowest level since December 2011. According to a recent


Seasonal Trading in the Forex Market

Clues to the market direction can easily be obtained from the seasonal correlations in the currency markets. For commodity traders season trading proves to be a fundamental resource. Commodity pricing


Forex history

The forex exchange today boasts a global nature. For that reason, it’s crucial that one examines important historical events regarding currencies and currency exchange even before making entry into any

Trading platforms Tutorials

Want to trade forex? These platforms can help

No matter whether you are just getting started in the forex market or if you are an experienced trader looking for new tools to help you meet your goals, the


How To Start Trading In Forex

Forex trading, also known as Foreign Exchange or FX is the largest market place in the world where currencies are traded. Forex has an average turnover in excess of $4


What is forex trading

Forex (Foreign Exchange) is the abbreviation for foreign exchange. It’s defined as the market place where currencies are traded or simply trading in the foreign exchange market. Forex is also